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 Tupelo Lime  is Folk/ Americana  singer-songwriter Gram Nicholas Phillips.  Gram performs both solo as Tupelo Lime and fronts the full 5 piece Tupelo Lime band. Tupelo Lime songs are raw stripped back Americana.  An acoustic blend of alternative folk, blues, psychedelia, southern rock and dark country music, heavily influenced by the do it yourself ethos of the San Francisco punk scene of the early 1980’s and the hand made music of the American mountains.   Tupelo Lime  songs have received  highly positive critical reviews from  radio stations, music blogs and  music magazines.  Gram has featured in profile in Americana Rhythm Magazine. 

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Press,Reviews etc.

Bob Johnson Country Rock radio show- I love Walton County Blues, just a great song,  it is my Track of the Week
Three Chords Country Music blog-  ” The Orange Rain is gritty and haunting, a song that gets under your skin in a very good way”
Martina Dorner review on Wyatt Pauley radio show- Magnolia Rain is simply a beautiful song, and this weeks featured  track
SLE Radio Scotland- Your Grace is a Mountain is a strong southern country rock song that gives me a Kurt Vile vibe.

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 The Single- She Sells You Hope –                                  The Road  from Escondido- 5 track EP

available on Bandcamp                                                   available on Bandcamp

The single- Your Grace is a Mountain, available on Bandcamp