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Tupelo Lime is Gram Phillips ( and Friends).

Outlaw Americana/Country music.

Gram began a musical career carousing with San Fancisco punk bands back in the day before spending years out for a wander amongst the  landscapes and folk of America.   

, Tupelo Lime tells tales of the great American Epic. Stories of hardship and joy,  victories against harshness and suffering, explorations of addiction and redemption, love and death.

There is no “genre” into which Tupelo Lime music easily fits. True Americana, it is a  blend of country, blues, folk, punk, southern rock and psychedelia.

 The heart of  alternative outlaw music with a social soul

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Press,Reviews etc.

Simply Country Radio Show.  May 2021 – “This man writes some powerful lyrics”
Bob Johnson Country Rock radio show- I love Walton County Blues, just a great song,  it is my Track of the Week
Three Chords Country Music blog-  ” The Orange Rain is gritty and haunting, a song that gets under your skin in a very good way”
Martina Dorner review on Wyatt Pauley radio show- Magnolia Rain is simply a beautiful song, and this weeks featured  track
SLE Radio Scotland- Your Grace is a Mountain is a strong southern country rock song that gives me a Kurt Vile vibe.


 AIR Events- 2021…  Tupelo Lime  effortlessly recreates and revives the sound and magic of Acoustic Americana bringing it into the modern world with a reverence and passion that has drawn praise from radio stations and reviewers around the world.



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