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Tupelo Lime  is the stage name for  Alt-country Americana poet/singer/ songwriter Gram Phillips.  He performs solo, duo  and  with a  full band. He brings onboard a coterie of musicians and singers for specific gigs and  projects including regulars Marty Mahem on lead guitar, Jamie Scott on Bass and multi instrumentalist Claire Hamburger.

 Tupelo Lime  has been nominated for both  Songwriter Achievment and Song of the Year 2023 at the  revered  Nashville Josie Music Awards and praised by music reviewers around the world including the influential Los Angeles Music review We Write About Music who noted that “Tupelo Lime is a true talent, and this album [ Roanoke] cements his place as an exciting Americana/Country musician of our time”. 

With elements of country, folk and blues, and influenced by the sounds of  both Appalachia and Southern California, Tupelo Lime creates raw and unfiltered songs based on affliction and addiction, loss, hardship, joy, love and death.  At its beating heart, Tupelo Lime sound is imbibed with the vibe of Townes Van Zandt,  Gram Parsons, Richard Buckner and The Grateful Dead amongst others.

Tupelo Lime have toured Germany twice in 2022, opened for Nashville hit songwriting duo American Young, and  are opening for Alabama Blues legend Debbie Bond on part of her UK tour this year.  The  previous Tupelo Lime Album, released in March of 2023 album, Roanoke, has garnred critical acclaim  around the world

 Roanoke an acoustic unplugged EP -released in March 2023

 Wilted Roads- A home recorded series to document Tupelo Lime’s work as a songwriter

 PR representation is by Scarlet River PR

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 Press quotes and reviews for Roanoke

Tupelo Lime opens up on a masterful storytelling record, “Roanoke”

Leading with a whole lot of heart, soul, love, and beyond, Tupelo Lime’s newest EP Roanoke is a stellar display of what this multi talented artist does best. Keep reading as we take a closer look into the record, as well as a background on this musician.

As Tupelo Lime’s latest album, Roanoke is a collection of stripped-back, raw, and deeply personal songs that showcase the singer and songwriter’s talent for storytelling. Tupelo Lime, who is also known as American poet Gram Phillips, draws from traditional elements of blues, country, Southern rock, folk, bluegrass, and jazz to create a sound that is both haunting and captivating. It’s an amalgamation of so many different styles and approaches, yet this artist has ultimately hit the mark for a stellar album that we can’t help but recommend.Throughout Roanoke, Tupelo Lime delves into themes of affliction and addiction, loss, hardship, joy, love, and death, offering a glimpse into the lives of those he has met along the way. The result is a deeply emotional and authentic album that resonates with listeners on a profound level. With his raspy, soulful voice, and expert guitar playing, Tupelo Lime proves himself to be a master storyteller, able to weave complex narratives with ease. Each song on Roanoke is a unique and powerful work of art, drawing the listener in with its evocative lyrics and euphoric melodies.

Whether he’s singing about love, heartbreak, or the struggles of everyday life, Tupelo Lime’s music is both relatable and deeply moving. He has a rare gift for capturing the essence of the human experience and distilling it into a song that speaks directly to the heart. The straightforward feeling he gives off is immensely difficult to imitate, sort of leaving this EP feeling like a consistent matter of fact. He’s out here being vulnerable through every track and the endless passion shows.Overall, Roanoke is a must-listen album for anyone who appreciates the power of storytelling and genre diversity in music. Tupelo Lime is a true talent, and this album cements his place as an exciting Americana/Country musician of our time. Please check out the links below in order to listen, follow along, and of course to stay tuned for much more on the way.

Tupelo Lime – Roanoke EP

“In an area where many artists sound the same, Tupelo Lime proposes an outstanding signature that will grab the industry’s attention without a doubt. 

“Roanoke” is captivating from ”The Old loop road” to ”The Gravediggers’ Daughter”, and will end up integrating your best playlists. Listen to the EP right now, you’ll play it on repeat:”

Pretty White Music magazine 03-20-2023


“Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen had a lovechild and called him Tupelo Lime. Damn, that is some talented offspring”.(Simon Hart)

“This man writes some powerful lyrics”.(Simply Country Radio Show)

“I love Walton County Blues, just a great song,  it is my Track of the Week”. 
(Bob Johnson Country Rock radio show)

  Tupelo Lime  effortlessly recreates and revives the sound and magic of         Acoustic  Americana bringing it into the modern world with a reverence and passion that has drawn praise from radio stations and reviewers around the world”. (Boombox TV 2021)

Leonard Cohen meets Tom Waits meets Butch Hancock in a ghost town trailer park on a road trip through the back roads of America visiting pool halls and the devil’s backbone..( John Row)

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 Recent live gig videos

La Muerta- our homage to the influence of  the beautiful Latino culture in Southern California

While we remain wedded to our Southern California Country Rock roots.. in a packed small bar with the audience getting their rock groove on.. we do like to indulge them

   The last  song in a two hour set..

 Live Cover

    The Band

Gram Phillips- Vocals & rhythm guitar

Marty Mahem-  vocals and lead guitar

 Jamie Scott- Bass

Madame Claire- Saxophone

 Cindy- Country rock spaniel, Tupelo Lime mascot, centre stage live and eater of treats. 



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