House Concerts

House Concerts/Living Room Gigs

We are  very supportive of requests for Tupelo Lime to perform in a house concert.This is how it works.
How do I host a House Concert?
All you need is some good friends, an indoor space, (or a covered outdoor space in the summer,) a few chairs, bean bags and cushions 
Tupelo Lime is normally a duo but  depending on how much space you have and the size of your audience can be as large as a 5 piece.
What about sound equipment?
You won’t need to hire a PA system or amplification, as we will bring whatever amplification may be needed.
What happens before and after the concert?
A house concert is an interactive experience so conversations before, during and  after the concert are not only welcomed, but encouraged.  The concert  itself runs approx 2 hours,  but if every one is in the right mood, and it has been interactive, can run as long as three hours
How much will it cost?
This is either a straight fee (negotiable) paid by the host or made up of donations from guests. We we encourage donations of £15 to £20 / €17to €22 in order to cover our expenses, but people can always be more generous if they wish.We suggest an invitation list of 15 to 20 people, but more are very welcome.These nights are very much in the spirit of the “soirées” in the past when musicians performed in intimate home surroundings under the patronage of members of society who wished to support and share great art and performance.
 How do I book a house concert?
 Easily- email Tupelo Lime at